English Program
Maths Program

Lynn's Learning endeavours to create
a non-threatening environment in our learning centres. We find that students who are relaxed and happy learn faster and enjoy attending the centres. Many
of our students first attend because they are upset by their school environment and are traumatized by teachers and other students ridiculing them.

Once we are able to gain their confidence, most students learn quickly and feel comfortable with our relaxed teaching methods.

Scholarship preparation also follows this method and many of our students are amazed at the speed of their improvement and understanding in both Maths and English.

Lynn's Learning follows the school curriculum guidelines, but many of our students are capable of working in advance of their school year level. At Lynn's Learning we teach to a student's 'ability' rather than the student's 'age level'. Our program is readily adapted to suit the student's needs and we have often designed a new area of our program to assist an individual student's learning.

At Lynn's Learning, we believe that educational programs should always be continuously updated and improved. Any program that is incapable of change becomes stagnant and boring.

In addition to teaching Maths and English, Lynn's Learning Centres also use a number of game boards and competitions to promote students' willingness to learn.

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