Maths Program
Our Mathematics programs are created to ensure your child learns both basic maths concepts, as well as how to apply them in problem solving or worded questions. We believe this is fundamental to your child's success at school, as most test and exam questions follow a worded format. Our Mathematics program has enabled many students to be placed in their school's acceleration classes.

Our Mathematics program is taught in two main sections; these being general equations, which begin at Prep and continue through to year 11, and problem solving, where students are taught how to apply their mathematical knowledge in a question based equation.

General Mathematical Equations.
Our program is designed to build on students' existing skills. When students commence our program they are assessed to determine their mathematical ability. Their program is then designed so as to increase their mathematical understanding. Many of our current students are working ahead of their school year level.

Problem Solving.
Our problem solving program has a number of areas. The main area of problem solving required at school is to be able to apply mathematical logic in worded problems. This type of problem solving is required in school based tests.

Our program is designed so as to incorporate as many different areas of maths as possible. Another area of problem solving teaches the logic behind strategies to use with different kinds of problems. Many of our scholarship students find that these strategies are extremely useful when they are sitting for their entrance examinations.

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