English Program  
Our English programs are designed to cover all areas of English; from comprehension, grammar and spelling to creative writing, essay structure and argumentative essay writing. We believe your child needs a firm understanding of all areas of English to be successful at school. We will tailor a program to suit your child's needs, depending on their strengths and weaknesses in English. Furthermore, Lynn's Learning is able to adapt an English scholarship program for your child if you are looking at pursuing a scholarship for them in the future. This covers all the areas of the scholarship paper, from comprehension to grammar, to both creative and argumentative writing.

Breakdown of the Lynn's Learning English Program.

The Lynn's Learning English program has four main areas which are inter-related. Students start with varying strengths and weaknesses. We endeavour to help them improve in all areas of English.

Reading and understand the written word is one of the most important aspects of learning. Comprehension is important in every aspect of learning. It overlaps every subject that a student will undertake at school and beyond.
Our comprehension program is both factual and fictional. We provide students with a variety of texts so as to enable them to improve their understanding in as many topics as possible. This not only improves comprehension skills but also improves general knowledge.

Our program incorporates phonetical strategies to assist with spelling. It also covers plurals and similar sounding words. Spelling overlaps into the writing program where students are prompted to check their spelling.

Our writing program covers different types of writing; from creative to descriptive and argumentative. This expands the student's writing skills and understanding of 'why' they need to write. Written pieces are individually discussed with students to allow the Lynn's Learning supervisor to explain their impression of the writing and prompt the student towards developing their writing techniques.

Grammar is the structure of language. Our program is developed to help students phonetically, and continues through all aspects of formal grammar. Our Lower Grammar Program incorporates sentence structure, spelling and understanding of reading and writing English.
Our Middle and Upper Grammar Programs consist of exercises aimed at improving students' understanding and use of English. These exercises form the base of writing.

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